Best Forex Brokers of 2019

Why are these brokers ‘the best’?

As you’ll read in each of their individual reviews, I like these brokers for different reasons.

They all score highly across my most important categories.

The most important being they all have low trading costs. Fusion especially is almost 60-70% cheaper than any other broker!

Perhaps surprisingly to the reader, two of the brokers, Fusion and IC I’ve selected are not from the UK or Europe.

They are regulated Australian providers, which means they do not have the same leverage restrictions that the UK and Europe have.

That means you can trade larger position sizes (which either amplify gains or losses) with a lot less money – something that most traders find very appealing.

For those looking for more products with an amazing platform (especially mobile!) that is still low cost – Saxo is the best bet.

To save you time, I have spent a long enough period narrowing the list down to only three brokers.

  1. Fusion Markets
  2. Saxo Bank
  3. IC Markets

Fusion Markets

Fusion Markets is the new champion of Compare the Forex Broker. The Lowest commissions I’ve found anywhere in the world, superb support and execution. You can’t go wrong.

Saxo Bank

Awesome trading platform (especially mobile) and the ability to trade any product you could ever need easily. A great option for experienced traders who don’t want MT4.

IC Markets

IC Markets was is my second favourite broker due to their low trading costs, easy account opening and a huge range of products.

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